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Photos For Money: Stock Creators // 1000+ Students // New To Affiliate

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Photos For Money: Stock Creators // 1000+ Students // New To Affiliate

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While most creative people struggle with their finances, there’s a group of creators making a living out of their creativity.

We are a group of creators just like you. We sell photos & videos to blogs, agencies, and companies around the world. 

It looked and it felt like just another Monday. It was the 6th of May of 2013. I was working, just like any other Monday before.

Somewhere around 2pm in the afternoon, an email notification pops up – YOU GOT A SALE. 

And though 16 cents do sound extremely insignificant, that moment was not. Because it was the first money in my entire life that I earned PASSIVELY.

What do 16 cents buy? Almost nothing.

But these specific 16 cents are still a big value for me as they taught me THE IMPORTANCE OF PASSIVE vs. ACTIVE INCOME 

Active income is the money you earn with your hard-worked time.

You work the hours, you get the money. It’s your day job, it’s in the freelancing, in your photoshoots or shooting sessions, and even in the time you spend putting your used gear for sale online.

Tell me what happens if you stop working? Will the cash keep on coming? What if you get a creative block or maybe get sick for some days? Or even if you decide to travel or take some days off? 

Passive income requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. 

If you got a camera, you got photos. And if you got photos, you got what it takes to start uploading. I can show you the steps.

Your photos, videos & vectors can be bought by potential buyers from all countries. While you work online, when & where you want.

The magic of passive income is that your files can be sold multiple times while you’re working, sleeping or traveling.

Here’s what I’ve been earning with some of the creative files I sell online.

One single file can get sold MULTIPLE times. This simples shot is one of my best examples. 

There’s an opportunity for ALL LEVELS OF CREATORS. I had these experimental motion files of a space flight simulation on my HD.

And who said you need new shots? I submited these shots of a wedding I produced

I thought the same thing but went ahead and put for sale some shots of public transportation. 

I made this shot when all I had was an Apple iPod Touch 3rd gen (from 2012).

More than 8 years passed since I started selling photos & videos online. Today, almost ALL MY MONEY COMES FROM PASSIVE INCOME. 

The freedom I found – it is just unbelievable.

Today I’m free to focus on projects I actually love. The time of freelancing or getting boring projects IS OVER. 

I’m losing count of how many creative people I know who are still working on day jobs they hate just to support their passion.

How many fantastic creators still depend on active income? 


That’s what inspired me to create a step-by-step course with all the secrets I learned in the past 8 years.

And it’s about time you enter this club too.  Come and create a passive income of your own. Don’t let this opportunity go.

Gui Siebert is a professional photographer & filmmaker and also our instructor at Stock Creators.

Selling Stock Footage & Stock Photography has changed my financial life completely. The Passive Income allows me to spend less days freelancing and more time on my family and the projects I love.

Since then, Gui founded the Blog and YouTube Channel. A place where tens of thousands of creators learn how to make passive income out of their creativity.

“I teach because I believe it is the best way to show gratitude to those who taught me what I know today.”

Yes, you definitely can! 

I’m not American, neither live in the US. And that’s not a problem at all.

It’s actually such a blessing to earn in American Dollars while I live in a country with a cheaper currency. If that’s your case, it will be even easier to make a living out of stock footage/photography.

The cool thing about selling stock footage & stock photography is that you are your own boss. So you got the control over where, when, and how much work you put into this.

When it comes to earnings, two main things determine how much you can earn: the amount of files you upload and their uniqueness.

This course teaches all you need to know to produce unique images/videos that sell as well as the workflow to increase the speed of your work. This way you can create a steady and growing portfolio with a growing passive income.

Well, I guess you’re still waiting for the numbers, right? 

BUT REMEMBER: The power is not in the single sale, but the fact that one file can get sold multiple times. 

It only depends on two things:

Sales can happen all the time. 24h/day. 7 days/week. 365 days/year. I’ve seen people getting their first sales within a week after starting as I’ve also seen others waiting months until their first sale.

This course was made for creators. No matter if you’re a filmmaker, photographer, or even illustrator/designer.

The main course duration goes a little over than 3 hours long of video lessons. New bonus lessons and extras are being recorded and will be available soon.

All lessons were filmed with professional 1080p Video & HD Audio equipment. The editing includes highlighted texts on screen for important concepts as well as text articles when needed. 

Subtitles are available in case you need any extra help understanding what is being said.

At this moment, the course is being taught in English only. 

English subtitles are also available in case you need any extra help understanding what is being said.

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Becoming a stock creator and selling your photos & videos online is easier than you might think. 

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Click here to get Photos For Money: Stock Creators // 1000+ Students // New To Affiliate…

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